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Curated Cookbook Club Launches 9/5/2019

Meet us at our Facebook group, Humble Pie Curated Cookbook Club for our club kickoff!

Sign up online by signing up on our website and on our Facebook group found here:

You will find all of the details for our launch event on the Facebook page above.

Once you are a member, here’s how the book club will work:

1) Pick a recipe from the book (as many as you like)
2) Make that recipe at home
3) Come to this page and share with the Cookbook Club: a) why you chose the recipe; b) what you thought of the dish; c) any tips or hacks you think would be useful for the group to know if they wanted to try to make it; d) any thoughts on the book overall; e) photos!

Our virtual cookbook club aims to create a community where we can discover new cookbooks and learn together through an exchange of insights and experiences.

The value of the Cookbook Club comes from it’s members. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on promos/giveaways for Club members too!

But, no pressure to participate all the time. I know we all have busy lives.

Thanks again for joining!

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