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America's Story

In Every Bite

From the berry pies of the west coast to the Shoofly pies of the northeast, Each recipe is an invitation, each dish a conversation. Bring a fork and your culinary curiosity, and let’s sample our way across the United States. Delicious food is just the beginning, Humble Pie explores homegrown Americana through food and community à la mode.

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Our Blue-Ribbon Philosophy

At Humble Pie Home + Kitchen, we live by our values. Bringing people together through food is the foundation of everything we do. We embrace each day as an opportunity to celebrate and live an authentic life fueled by passion and sincerity. And we believe in the importance of serving and supporting our local communities.

  • Our products are ethically-sourced and made in the USA
  • We partner with organizations that champion the most vulnerable among us

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Bring a piece of the heartland into your heart and home. Shop our selection of kitchen-enhancing wares from cookbooks to aprons and more.

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