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Thank You For Being A Friend….

Hey there,

So, as promised, I am sharing the ups and downs of starting something new.  I anticipated that I would have a learning curve on the functionality of the e-commerce side of things, so I asked my friends to be my guinea pigs and place orders online so I could detect the bugs and work them out so the process is seamless for all of you!

We have detected a few issues on the back end as a result of this experiment, but fear not!  We are rectifying them in due course.

It is times like this when I think to myself it may have been easier to stick to the same ole, same ole.  After all, things become easier over time.  And it’s that distance from the starting line that sometimes makes us forget that becoming a well-oiled machine means you had to break down a few times first.  So, now that I’m starting something new, I am back at the beginning of that process.  But, I’m up to the task.

Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Stay tuned for more!

And, thank YOU for being a friend too!

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